About Us

About Donna’s House

We believe that learning how to stay sober is simple but not easy. Overall, our goal is to not only provide the basic necessities and platform for one to recover, but to edify and enlighten individuals to find the solution.

Donna’s house ultimately aims to help their residents transition back into everyday life. We help our residents learn how to stand on their own two feet. Whether you are transitioning back into life from higher levels of care or are just trying to learn one day at a time how to live life without the use of drugs and alcohol, we can help. The staff at Donna’s house is highly trained, extremely caring, and very understanding of the struggles that one goes through as they transition back into normal life. A house manager and an assistant house manager supervise each house. The house manager and assistant house manager work together to provide structure within the houses and encourage the residents to support each other in this exciting journey of recovery.

At Donna’s House we require our residents to find work, attend outpatient treatment, or go to school during the day. This is vital in the process of transitioning back into everyday life. Our staff assists the residents in this process and is always willing to help in any way that they can. At Donna’s house we understand that having fun in recovery is also vital to enjoying life without the use of drugs and alcohol. Many of us think that without drugs and alcohol we can never have fun again. At Donna’s house we aim to show our residents that living life clean and sober can be more fun than they ever imagined. We highly encourage recreation and leisure activities within each house.

Those that surrender themselves to a recovery program can come to know that sobriety can be much more than NOT doing something they used to do. They can sometimes realize that taking a different road, another path, and thus not thinking of drinking or using anymore, is a more peaceful route to living.