"Providing the safe haven and new way of life you've been looking for."

We believe that learning how to stay sober is simple but not easy. Overall, our goal is to not only provide the basic necessities and platform for one to recover, but to edify and enlighten individuals to find the solution.

Our Mission

Our mission at Donna’s House is to provide a loving atmosphere in which our residents can safely and affordably transition back into everyday life, promoting and inspiring the residents to grow and change, while, feeling secure knowing that they are in a supportive living environment. We aim to give our residents a new lease on life and strive to help our residents renew long lost hopes and dreams, so that they may see that the possibilites are endless if you stay clean and sober.

In Loving Memory of Donna

Donna was a friend like no other. She was witty, charming, and truly loved life itself.
She cared so deeply about everybody. She would go above and beyond to help another person.
Donna loved many things. She loved music, animals, people, and traveling.
Mostly she loved living life to the fullest and giving to others.
So many people miss her; however, she will always be in our hearts and soul.
Alcohol and drugs can take your life away as it did hers.
That is why there is a place called Donna′s House for those who want help saving their life before it is too late.

Our Houses

Take a look at our upscale transitional living houses in South Orange County.